Tuesday, November 16, 2010

So You Have A Lot of Slides?

Back in the late 1950s my father bought a camera. It was a German made Retina, manufactured by Kodak in Stuttgart, Germany, and quite advanced for our family of modest means. My father must have known what he was doing back then because the camera served us well and chronicled every aspect of our lives through the 1980s.

The Retina used slide film and prints could be made from the slides via mail (a laborious process!)  but the slides and screen became an important family activity when we'd gather around the projector (listening to my father mutter under his breath when slides got stuck) for an hour's worth of visual entertainment.

When my parents switched to a more modern camera and print film, the slides were carefully packed away, organized by year and event in brown plastic slide boxes. My mother passed away this summer and my sisters and I vowed to go through the boxes and pull out the slides we'd like to keep and put them together in the popular photo books available online. A daunting task because there are hundreds!

Two years ago, I purchased a slide scanner on the advice of colleagues at work, The one I chose was The Wolverine FD2 (see link below) which retails around $110.00 online. The process is simple and fast. Four slides get placed in a hard plastic sleeve. The sleeve gets pushed through the scanners by hand pausing for a second to make a scan of the slide. The high quality scans are recorded on a memory card which then can be uploaded right onto your computer.

The scanner is small and this process can be done while watching TV...very appealing to me!. And so the scanning begins...ironically, my husband's father also took slides and another giant batch awaits when 
my family slides are done! 

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