Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Covertible 'Pinkalicious' Lemonade Stand

This summer I made a lemonade stand.

I teach an art class and learned from some of the girls about a children's book character called 'Pinkalicious'. Apparently Ms. Pinkalicious is a bit of a heroine to the the pre-school and pink-loving set so I sought out some of the books and discovered one about a lemonade stand (pink lemonade of course!) which I purchased to read to the class.

As the program was ending for the summer, I decided to make a lemonade stand where pink cookies, pink cupcakes and the aforementioned beverage would be served to the students as a closing party.

When it comes to construction of any sort in my house, I'm on my own or at least at the mercy of handymen or contractors. The latter are only used on the big jobs for which a simple lemonade stand certainly didn't qualify. Besides, I really wanted to make it myself.

Off I went to Michael's craft store where I purchased 4 wooden crates. My next stop was our local hardware store where I picked up my main tools: glossy white paint, Gorilla glue and staples for my staple gun. I also purchased 4 square staircase dowels that were already painted white. Last stop was Home Goods where I fount a bright pink flower patterned table runner which would serve nicely as an awning.

Back home, I began my 'construction' by gluing the 4 crates together to form a large rectangle. The bottoms of the crates would serve as the front of the stand and the open ends made great shelves to hold supplies. After the glue dried I took my structure outside and painted it glossy white inside and out.

When the paint dried, I glued the posts to the sides, the two front posts positioned lower than the two at the back. I used masking tape to hold the posts in place while the glue dried. When that was done, I was ready to attach the awning which I did by centering it, pulling it tight and staple-gunning it to the posts. I finished it off by painting a decorative lemonade sign that was attached to the front.

I had to admit it was quite lovely as I dressed it up with props, food and lemonade served in kid-friendly sippy cups. The kids loved it! We used it again for my grandaughter's first birthday party.

The best part about the stapled awning is that it's removable. Next week, my twin grandsons are celebrating their 4th birthday. Their party theme is 'Angry Birds' and I decided to refurbish the stand
with a new awning and signage calling it 'The Angry Bird Birthday Bodega'.

Another thought:  since lemonade is passe in the fall...this basic stand could easily be turned into an apple cider stand for a Halloween or Thanksgiving party where kids will be present.

The cost was minimal but the final product was priceless!

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