Wednesday, March 9, 2011

8 Words To Test Your Vocabulary Skills

I haven't posted a vocabulary quiz lately and since I actually got to look through the NY Times and The Wall Street Journal (of course) today I found some words that might be a bit tricky.
See how you do.

1. Inchoate
A. Prep school in Connecticut
B. Measurement
C. just beginning
D. Kind of leather

2. Dissonance
A. weak connection
B. makes an untrue statement
C. Bad dance
D. disagreement

3. Semiotics
A. signs or symbols
B. partial to one person
C. Middle ground
D. Large interstate truck

4. Mnemonic
A. Crazy
B. relating to memory
C. Small harmonica
D. Devil-like

5. Sisyphean
A. snakelike undersea creature
b. seemingly endless
c. tumor
d. mythical troll

6. De minimis
A. lacking importance
B. Small amount
C. Tiny insect
D. Short skirt

7. Non pareil
A. candy
B. Not parallel
C. Nonnegotiable
D. having no equal

8. Syncopated
A. Lined up in order
B. accenting a weak music beat
C. Talking at the same time
D. Doing things together

1  C
2  D
3  A
4  B
5  B
6  A
7  D
8  B

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