Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Daily Suse: Happy First Birthday!

A year ago today I started my first blog. Not really knowing what I was doing, my post from last July 6th called " A Beginning" took about 5 hours to complete and I worked into the early hours of the night to get it published.

I've mastered the technology a bit more, changed my design once (with probably another to come this year), took lots of photos, completed some major projects and tried many new recipes.

So I thought I'd provide a few stats for those of you who read 'The Daily Suse' this year.

Total number of readers: 17,172

Most read posting: Jolly Good British Royal Trivia (3,032)

Audience: 12,669 readers in the United States.
Followed by the United Kingdom at 875 readers; then Canada at 694 readers and Australia at 361. About 20 countries were represented in varying amounts.

58 percent of the readers used Windows Operating system.

38 percent used Internet Explorer as a browser.

Thanks to all of my readers and I'm looking forward to bigger and better things this year.

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