Friday, July 15, 2011

The Garden Delivers: Not Quite A 'Horn of Plenty', We'll At Least Have Beans to Count; Farming the Back 40 (Inches) Is a Lot of Work!

On a warm but humidity-free sunny day in New York, I was out in the fields assessing the vegetable garden I planted earlier this spring.

OK, 'fields' is a bit of an exaggeration. I actually have a 1 foot x 4 foot plot running alongside my deck. I also have 5 large round planters that herbs and tomatoes are growing in.  It was the only part of the backyard that gets a good amount of sun. Our house is south facing and as such, most of the sun is in the front. Who knew when we signed the mortgage papers?

But waiting for me in the garden was a healthy amount of string beans with lots more smaller beans growing nicely. The zucchini flowers are in full bloom (I'd love to fry those but I'm afraid I won't get the vegetable later on) and it looks like that will produce a 'bumper crop.' That's farmer lingo for lots and lots!

The three cherry tomato plants are all blooming but not ready to be picked.

All is not completely well though. In addition to the vegetables, I planted dill, basil, parsley and thyme. The dill and thyme disappeared after making a brief appearance above ground. The parsley is growing but not as nicely as last year. The basil isn't too bad but i really planted a lot of seeds with few and weak results. I used old potting soil which I think might have affected the seeds in the gestation period. I'll have to read up on horticulture a bit more.

But I'm happy with the results anyway. String beans and zucchini are staples in our diet. Basil and parsley are favorite herbs. What was I going to do with the dill anyway? Make pickles? I'm so over their disappearance!

I've posted a few string bean recipes over the past year and I'll provide the links you want to give them a try.

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