Friday, September 16, 2011

Wrapping Up Fashion Week 2012, I Choose Wearable Clothing For Real Folks: The Price Tag? That's a Different Story

Left to right: Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta, Michael Kors
The best part about Fashion Week anywhere is that it gives us a window into a world where everyone is thin, tall and perfectly or interestingly coiffed, made up or accessorized. It lets you fantasize about what might be if you didn't have kids, grandkids, bills and a not-so-perfect body. The worst part, of course, is the realization that you do have kids or grandkids, bills and that perfectly lumpy physique that you never see on the runways.

Left to right: Milly,  Isaac Mizrahi, Nanette Lepore
But watching the shows is just fun....inexpensive fun...if you're viewing from the safety of your computer, in your robe, in your kitchen, with only a diet coke and English muffin for sustenance. Ah, the sad life of a fashion stalker. As I write this just 186 days and 7 hours remain till Spring. Maybe I should get up?

Left to right: Peter Som, Proenza Schuler, Elie Tahari
By now, I've prowled all of the shows using the website and I'll share the dresses and ensembles I think might be wearable for 'real people'. Hopefully clothing manufacturers feel the same and might actually make some of these dresses in regular sizes with regular prices. If designers could take a page from the success of the Missoni collection that crashed Target's website this week and sold out the designer merchandise before customers could even get to the store, we could perhaps end the budget crisis before the cherry blossoms bloom in Washington!

Left to right: Tracy Reese and Oscar de la Renta

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