Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The British Are Coming, The British Are Coming; A Dozen Trivia Questions to Ponder in Advance of the Royal Wedding

British Royalty: A Quiz

1.  How long was Lady Jane Grey on the throne?

2.  Who was Bloody Mary's father?

3.  How many children 
does Queen Elizabeth 
the 2nd have?

4. What town is Kate Middleton from?

5. Who inherited the throne after Queen Elizabeth 
     the 'Virgin Queen?'

6. Who executed Mary Queen of Scots?

7. What is Queen Elizabeth II's last name?

8.  What was Edward I’s nickname?

9. William Wallace of Scotland opposed which king of England?

10.  What was Princess Diana's maiden name?

11. Which British royal bride's wedding dress included anchors in its elaborate design?

12. Out of the present Royal Family who is the Duke of Cornwall?

1. 9 days 
2. Henry the eighth 
3. 4 
4. Bucklebury
5. James I 
6. Elizabeth 
7. Windsor 
8. Longshanks 
9.  King Edward 
10. Spencer
11. Sarah, Duchess of York
12. The current Prince Charles, Will's father

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