Monday, April 25, 2011

Check Your Vocabulary Skills: Five Words From the Pages of Today's Wall Street Journal and New York Times

I came across a few words in Monday's paper that I read often but am not quite sure of their exact meaning. I thought I'd teach myself a few things while posting my fourth vocabulary test. Here are 5 to test your word power skills on...Good luck!

1. Pluralism
A. The act of adding things to a list
B. Dealing with more than one item
C. Belief in a multi-ethnic and multi-religious society.

2. Kirchnerista (Spanish)
A. Member of a political movement in Argentina
B. Argentinian lover of a popular soft drink
C. An Argentinian outdoorsman

3. Bete noire
A. Person intensely disliked
B. A woman of the evening
C. A French lawyer

4. Paradigm
A. A shape with 10 sides
B. Confusing riddle
C. Serves as a pattern or model.

5. Polemic
A. Opposite sides of the world
B. Involved in controversy
C. Style of dancing, notably in a strip club

1. c
2. a
3. a
4. c
5. b

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