Monday, April 4, 2011

Napkin Folding 101: How To Make a Rose and Leaf For a Special Occasion

The very first time my family took a cruise we left out of New York City heading to Bermuda. The skies were sunny and warm on a beautiful July day. The following morning passing near Cape Hatteras in North Carolina, we awoke to stormy seas and many passengers were seasick. We were traveling with a group of friends and children and since nausea afflicted most of us we opted to take a napkin folding class offered by the ship's crew. It seemed a relaxing thing to do until the Dramamine kicked in.

It was a challenge. Even though the crew was patient none of us could keep up with the lesson. Our birds of paradise looked like Central Park Pigeons, the Bishop's Hat looked like the Goodyear Blimp. I mastered the 'Fan Fold' but really, the little kids in the class could do it too. But the 'fan' became my 'go to' fold when we had company.

Recently, I came across a napkin fold that looked like a rose with leaf. To clarify, there is a folded rose napkin that is quite difficult but this one was different and it looked easy. It was.

To do this you'll need two napkins: green for the leaf and a contrast color for the rose. The sample I saw was a hot pink but I was unable to find that color for my illustrations. I used this at my weekend dinner party but chose a white napkin for the rose because it coordinated with my tablescape.

Today, I redid the fold and photographed the steps and I hope you find this easy to understand. I think it makes an impressive presentation and would be perfect for the Easter or Passover table. If you're having a children's party and are using paper products, I would imagine you could get a great effect with fun colors that might be charming for  teens, tweens or toddlers.

How To Master The Perfect Rose Napkin

two square cloth napkins per guest (green for leaf, contrast color for rose)
Wine or beverage glass to hold the napkins


Leaves first: 
Fold the green napkin in half on a diagonal. 

Fold in half again along the long edge.

Fold in half once more along the longer edge. Put aside. 

Flower: Fold in half along the diagonal. Take the pointed corner opposite the long edge and fold it up to extend just a bit over the top making long edges parallel. Then fold the bottom edge again so it falls just short of the top edge. 

Start rolling the napkin from one edge adjusting as you go so hat it makes an even shape. 
Joining the two: Slip the rolled rose between the folds of the green 'leaf' and arrange in the glass. 

Joining the two napkins: Put the folded rose inside the folded green leaves. Place in glass and arrange.

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