Saturday, July 10, 2010

Diamonds Are a Baby's Best Friend

  I was at lunch the other day and a friend gifted a new grandmother with a pocketbook sized box of baby wipes for her infant grandson. The wipes (packged with the blue bow) were cleverly and beautifully decorated by her daughter who makes them for her friends who are new moms. I loved the way it looked so I decided to add it to my blog for an easy (and inexpensive) weekend craft. I just decorated a box myself (mine is the over-the-top unwrapped box) and it took about an hour. When I started decorating ....I found I couldn't stop. All those sticky rhinestones and pearls, it was easy to get carried away! This is perfect for a baby girl who's been invited to a wedding at Cipriani's or the Plaza!
  But as I was over-embellishing the box, I thought that it would also be a thoughtful gift for someone in a hospital or nursing home, even a teacher...anyone who might need to wipe their hands frequently. You might want to cover the brand name with an oval cutout (those foam sheets sold in craft stores like Michael's or AC Moore might be perfect) and then you could add some stick-on letters (also sold in craft stores) and personalize it. To get away from the rhinestone cowboy look, buttons might be fun or just stickers that reflect the recipient's personality or interests.

  Give it a try and if you have any other suggestions on how to improve this fun project, I'd love to hear from you. 

•Plastic pocketbook size box of baby wipes.
•stick on rhinestones, pearls or buttons
•craft glue if needed

Supplies available at:

Monday: Get set for some delicious blueberry muffins!

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  1. Super cute Susan! Loving keeping up with you and all the fun projects, even if I miss seeing ya! <3 becky