Monday, July 19, 2010

You'll Flip Over These 'Flops'

  Here's an easy indoor summer project for moms and daughters to work on this summer especially in these hot, hot days. If you're like me, you might have a collection of fabric ribbon that you pick up at craft stores or saved through the years (I actually save beautiful ribbon from gift packages and reuse!) and this project is perfect for putting some of that stored ribbon to use. 
  Start with a pair of flip-flops...the ones that cost a dollar or two dollars are perfect. Depending on the color or pattern of the shoe, cut coordinating ribbons of all widths to about 7" for wide ribbon (1/2" and wider) , and 6" for thin ribbon (1/4" wide or less). 
   When you have a collection of cut ribbon start randomly tying the pieces along the thong part of the shoe. It'll take about 30 pieces for an adult shoe, less for a child's size. Make sure you have enough for two shoes. 
  I used some netting (also from a saved package) and it's looks great as a center on the thong. 
  I thought these would make a great present for a summer 
birthday and also might be a great shower gift for  bride if it was done all in white (white netting would be fantastic looking. Add some pearls or rhinestones for a little more dramatic effect. 
   At top are some samples made this morning. They took a
bout an hour to make including the cutting. I glued some of the ties with craft glue just to make sure they didn't come apart. 
  Trim with a sharp scissor and package in a clear cellophane bag. 

Tomorrow: Easy summer parchment cooking

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