Monday, July 26, 2010

Getting Framed

As part of my organization project (see July 23rd post) I want to finish hanging my art. And also. as part of my organizational 'vows', I'm not buying any more frames! Like an unrepentant shopaholic, I can't resist a great looking frame and I have way too many. I've even purchased a few sad, chipped  'charlie brown' frames imagining their glorious transformation using a can of spray paint, a rosette or two, sequins, ribbons.....but I never get to it, I just can't commit! So they stack up in some of my cluttered trouble spots until now. 

Looking through some Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel catalogues I recently received in the mail, I noticed lots of great wall art layouts and was encouraged to get on with the 'hangings'.  Some of my projects are pictured here. 

I like the eclectic approach these take and I've tried to mimic that in the few areas that I've completed. My house faces a lighthouse (on a hill in the center of Staten Island...really!) I've been collecting illustrations of lighthouses and have a few hanging already. These are in my kitchen.  

I love unusual looking plates so I started a collection of those on a wall just outside my dining room (and there are some in the dining room as well). I have original illustrations from cities I've visited but they're still in a box.

Grandchildren photos lean against the mantle in the the guest bedroom. It took so long for me to get that project completed that the kids were a year older and had already changed so much. 

So if you're like me and need a little inspiration or push to get going, check out catalogues (image below is from Pottery Barn) , home decorating magazines or furniture stores. A few websites below offer some great suggestions. Make sure you have all of the tools needed...hammer, measuring tape, picture hangers, wire, framed art're all set to go!
Tomorrow: Rosettes, Part 2

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