Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dollar Frame Redux

A couple of posts ago I transformed some flip-flops using multi-colored ribbons. Doing that project, I mistakenly cut some of the ribbons too short and was unable to use them on the sandals.

Keeping with my new philosophy (not to waste and mostly not buying anything new until I use up some of the clutter I already have) I decided to use the discarded ribbons on a cheap, metal, one dollar frame I had picked up in a discount store. Full disclosure, the frame was manufactured in Mexico, not in the USA, a disappointment! But wait, I found 5X7 beveled mat from Target and it was made in the United States. Let's hear it for Target Corp.!

I glued the ribbons around the frame and then added rosette fillers and some rhinestones. Check out the result. Of course this frame is multicolored because I used leftovers but you can coordinate colors better (all pinks, all blues, all white, etc.) depending on the person you're giving it to or the room you're putting it on. All you need is an old frame, some ribbon, rhinestones and craft glue! Makes a quick, inexpensive and fun gift.

Tomorrow: A vocabulary quiz from this week's papers

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