Friday, July 16, 2010

The Year of the 'Rosette': Part 1

   From my years of working with the best fashion reporters and editors at the Wall Street Journal, I learned a little bit about spotting trends. Now, I won't be so bold as to put myself in their league but when you see a runway trend featured by several designers, see that same trend in movie and magazine fashion and then see it on the 'retail rack' in mall boutiques or department stores and when, my god, the bachelorette in episode 8 (July 12th, 2010) wears a pink silk rosette strapless rose ceremony dress (above left)  then I could confidently say we've got a rosette trend going!   
  To this end, I'm unofficially and humbly declaring 2010-11 'The Year of the Rosette".  
  A rosette is a rose or flower-like detail that might be placed on a belt, dress neck
line, cascading down a skirt, shirt or even on a shoe or handbag. They can be constructed from the same fabric as the garment or in a contrasting color and contrasting fabric 
(think wool skirt, leather or lace rosette). Some rosettes are simple, others layered and fastened together, emblazoned with glittery sequins, rhinestones or buttons.  I think that's what makes them so much fun and a recurring trend that dates back to the 15th century and earlier where they were used to adorn fashionable attire much like today. 

  For this post I'm going to show you how to make a simple rosette and enhance a plain satin covered child's headband that I picked up recently at Target's dollar table. I thought it would make a fun project and a 'back to nursery school' gift for my 4-year-old niece. I had some black grosgrain ribbon and some diamond buttons and I'll see where that takes me as I work on this tonight. 

  Instructions to follow but in the meantime, as you shop for back
-to-school clothes for the kids or fall fashion for yourself, keep your eyes open to the prevalence of the rosette. The photos posted here are from fall runway shows, Banana Republic and Ann Taylor. The rosette embellished shoes are from Nordstrom's as is the belt (the wine colored shoes are Stuart Weitzman, the black are from Söfft 'Fiorella' Pumps). I found these adorable giant rosettes adorning party chairs perfect for a 'sweet 16' or a bridal shower. These were featured on The Knot.
  This is a fun blog that shows how to make felt rosettes for decorating packages or fashion items. Take a look! 

• Cut a 12 inch length of 2 inch wide grosgrain or satin ribbon. 
• Thread a needle and knot at end of double strand.
• Using a running stitch, run needle through end of ribbon and pull together to form a circle (rosette) when you get to the end. Join the ends on the underside. 
• To make a double rosette like the one pictured here, cut a 10 inch length of the same color ribbon (3/4 inch wide) or u
se a contrasting color. Sew as instructed above.
• Sew b
oth rosettes together and sew a button or glue a large rhinestone to cover the center.
• Glue the rose
ttes to the h
eadband, add a small ribbon by tying between the two rosettes. 
• Let set overnight. 

I have a lot of rosette projects coming up. Try this easy one to practice and look for more in future posts. 

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