Monday, January 17, 2011

A 30th Birthday Party: Barbecue and Mashed Potato Bar and A Surprise Football Victory

Red  Velvet cupcakes with cake toppers.
My daughter celebrated her 30th birthday this past weekend. I planned a family party and because it was so soon after Christmas, I hadn't completely taken down all of the holiday decorations. The tree was gone of course and the obvious Santa and Nativity items but my chandelier was still intact and I had already planned on adding pink items to it so it could remain at least through Valentines Day. I was transisting holidays as my daughter was transisting from her 20s to her 30s. Having the birthday party helped me get started.

We have a tradition in our family of decorating the kitchen island and overhead lights for birthdays and this special birthday would be no different. I visited Michael's, the craft store, and wandered aimlessly until I came across some packages of fabric daisies in bright spring-like colors. I thought they would be perfect hanging from the chandelier and kitchen fixtures using clear fishing line as the cording. I also found a package of foam stickers from a company called Creatology. The sticker style was 'Magic Garden' and I knew it would enhance the decor in several ways.

My older daughter has a thriving cake business ( and was assigned cupcakes. She made red velvet and chocolate cake with tiny puffs of white icing on top. Delicious! I made toppers using a pink flower stickers from the foam set and pasted round half-inch photos of my daughter onto the sticky side. Instead of toothpicks, I found some colorful mini clothespins that I clipped the photo onto before inserting into the white icing.

The kitchen lights get daisified.'
My dining room chandelier renovated for the party. 
Two weeks ago, I wrote about using silver house numbers as cake toppers. I bought a set of all the numbers (at $1. each) and used them for this party on my three tiered plate holder. The handy box of stickers adorned the numbers and blended well with the other decorations.

House numbers make great decorations. 
The menu was simple: grilled steak and chicken kabobs, a mashed potato bar and Cesar salad. I had lots of toppings for the potatoes: broccoli Au gratin, bacon bits, cauliflower Au gratin, assorted cheeses and nuts, caramelized onions, gravy, sauteed mushrooms and chili. The barbecue (my husband braved the cold) mixed with the comfort food made a perfect menu for a transition party!

The book on display was from Kodak Gallery.

Our gift to our daughter, book celebrating her first 30 years, was made through Kodak Gallery. Friends and family members were invited to share a memory of her which was printed in the book. This is my third book using Kodak's photo book program and I recommend it highly. The photos reproduce very well and the final product is returned quickly. If you want to make a personal and unique gift for a friend or family member, it's a great way to do it.

Though I'm not a football fan, the party ended with the New York Jets beating the New England unexpected bonus for Jets fans in attendance! It's nice when everyone goes home happy.

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