Friday, January 7, 2011

Creative and Cheap Cake Topper: It's All In The Numbers

A friend of mine arrived at a recent New Year's gathering with a homemade cheese ball. It looked as delicious as it tasted because of two shiny silver number '1's' embedded in the cheese ball and tied together at the top by a decorative wire with holiday trimmings. I asked where she purchased the 2011 decoration and was laughingly informed that the numbers were ordinary house numbers she purchased in a dollar store. Unfortunately I didn't photograph the original presentation so I placed them atop a cake server to illustrate here.

Inspired by a well-known decorator giving holiday decorating tips on television, she crafted this clever topper and impressed all of us at the event. Of course I was intrigued and thought about it for a bit to come up with some other applications just as clever.

Birthday parties immediately came to mind. How many of us purchase those wax numbers year after year and save them never to reuse again? I know I'm guilty and even with my best intentions, used, waxy digits always look a bit forlorn to place on someone else's special cake. So today I went to the dollar store and purchased the rest of the numbers for a lifetime collection.

Using some ribbon and some stick on rhinestones, I made a set suitable for a sweet sixteen party. One of the things I like about these silver numbers (they also come in gold and probably black in some stores) is their reflective nature. I don't think my photo does it real is quite pretty! Best thing is that you can easily remove the paint or decorations for another event customizing as you go.

This is a real money-saver and a great way to add creativity to any occasion.

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