Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Nifty and Easy Ribbon Holder

Readers might remember my recycled baby furniture that became a gift wrap center. It took me a couple of days to complete the project and to be perfectly honest I never actually attached the rods that were to hold my many spools of ribbon. Procrastination is oftentimes my middle name!

Imagine my surprise then when I spotted a nifty looking ribbon holder hanging from my daughter's kitchen curtain rod yesterday. It was a very simple device crafted using a 2-inch piece of plastic piping, a 2-foot length of cording, a small metal ring and a small length of ribbon to finish off the bottom.

Attach a length of cord to the ring. Add ribbon spools and hold in place with a 2 inch hollow tube laced through with the cording at bottom. Cover the tubing with a decorative ribbon.

Instead of the tubing an empty wooden thread spool (if anyone is lucky to still have one of these gems around) or a plastic one could also be used. But other than that suggestion I wouldn't change a thing. It's handy and attractive and can be made in about fifteen minutes.

I vow to get back to my wrapping center but this simple ribbon holder could do the job just as well.

(a bit more involved but inspirational to look at)

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