Friday, January 21, 2011

Winter Walking: It's About Time; My Niece Inspires Me; Lighthouse Hill, Here I Come!

The Staten Island Lighthouse, Lighthouse  Hill
I didn't make any New Year resolutions this year with good reason: I rarely keep them.

Recently I learned that my niece started a blog. It's a personal, daily journal as she makes some career and life changes. But what impressed me tremendously is her commitment to walking during these cold winter days.

I live in a lovely area of Staten Island called Lighthouse Hill. It's a haven for walkers young and old yet I've never joined their ranks. My niece who lives on Long Island, is walking on a boardwalk alongside the Atlantic's got to be cold! Kudos to her but why am I such a walking wimp?

I've always loved the expression (of Chinese origin I believe) that the longest journey begins with one step. I've used that thought over and over again in my life and it's always been a motivator but using it to make a commitment to exercise has always been elusive. I do love to walk but excuses usually trump the best of intentions. I'm vowing to do something about it.

I decided to call my pedestrian pilgrimage 'winter walks' and as usual when I'm doing something new I google it. There are 17,000 plus entries called 'winter walks'. Apparently it's not a very unique idea! But in all cases, walkers engaging in cold weather outings find that the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages.

So here I go, starting tomorrow morning, armed with my trusty Canon and a lots of layered clothing (did the weatherman really say a 10 degree wind chill?).  I'm going to engage my legs in a journey of my own, photographing my beautiful snow-filled neighborhood along the way. This won't be a modern day Walden's Pond but if I lose a few inches I'll consider it a success.

Thanks Miss J.


  1. More kudos to Miss J for joining a group of intrepid snowshoers and dogs for 2 one and a half hour treks over the river and through the woods, up hill and down, despite the frigid conditions. must also give credit to Suzanne and the mom.

  2. You,re up next jfitz4548, may do something on your fantastic Maine coastline photos...maybe next week...will be in touch.....

  3. The photo of the lighthouse on this page is one that I took sometime ago, while its a copyright violation a proper citation will do...