Friday, September 10, 2010

Fashion Designer Primer: Five Favorites!

Christian Siriano gown from yesterday's 
Fashion Week 2011 Spring show on
This is the first year in twenty years that I am not actively involved in Fashion Week layout...and I'm having withdrawals! Believe me, I don't miss the stress but I do miss looking at the live photos and hearing the latest from fashion reporters and editors involved in the business. So I've decided to use Fashion Week here in New York as my theme for the week. 

No, I'm not in the 'tents,' moved to Lincoln Center this year from Bryant Park, I'm actually home desperately trying to clean out my basement and garage, but I take a fashion break now and then scanning the papers for tidbits I can share. 

Yesterday I posted some vocabulary words that were mentioned in newspaper coverage and today I'm going to give a primer of 5 fashion designers —famous and up-and-coming—that most of the newspapers covered yesterday. This will help you impress your family and friends over dinner or at a cocktail party.......well, maybe. will get you a front row seat at every show after they've run (online of course) but it's fun to take a look. 

First up, my favorite designer of all time...

Oscar de la Renta
His show isn't scheduled until 5 pm next Thursday but he never disappoints, except that most of us can't afford to purchase his fabulous designs. I do have a white coat that I bought in TJ Maxx that I love as well as a printed scarf ...not sure why they were there but he does have an less expensive label (Oscar) that Macy's carried but I checked the store website and didn't see 'Oscar' listed anymore. Mr. de la Renta, from the Dominican Republic is in his late 70s.

Jason Wu
Designer Jason Wu is most noted for Michelle Obama's lovely white inaugural gown now on display at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. His fashion inspiration for spring 2011 is Brazilian artist Beatriz Mihazes bright colors. His show was today at 2 pm and can be seen at as soon as it's posted. Born in Taiwan he's in his late 20s.

Another Siriano gown on
Christian Siriano
Christian Siriano, 26 years old, was already an 'up-and-comer' when he appeared on the fourth season of Project Runway which he won. He's since gone on to design for celebrities such as Rihanna and Lady Ga Ga and Christina Hendricks to name a few. His show yesterday, is available for viewing on Don't miss the gowns!

Alexander Wang
Alexander Wang's show is tomorrow at 5 pm and will probably be edgy, urban and youngish though on his website, his handbags are quite lovely and sophisticated. Mary Kate Olsen and Lady Ga Ga have been seen in his designs.  Mr. Wang is from California and is in his 20s. 

Michael Kors
Who doesn't love Michael Kors? I know I do, his clothes are mostly affordable and they actually fit well! His personality is refreshing on Project Runway and his advice always constructive for the young designers. His show is on Wednesday and is sure to be more of his classic clothing and accessories. Joan Allen, Gwyneth Paltro and Rene Russo are fans of this 51-year-old Long Island native. 

Over the weekend: Accessories (so far) for the spring

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