Sunday, August 1, 2010

All Wrapped Up

I'm starting a project that has long been a wish of my daughter and I. That is, to create our own wrapping station where all of the rolls of paper, ribbons, tissue paper, bags, tape etc are all in one convenient location.

We recently had our basement refinished and in the course of moving things around, I rediscovered an old dresser with shelves that was part of our baby furniture. I thought it might make the perfect piece for the long-awaited wrap center. 

My 'Blueprint'
Lots of samples of these exist and I've included the photos here. This is really a simple project. Clean, sand and repaint the dresser in white. Add new round knob in a bright spring green to match my accent color in the basement. Add dowels to the shelves where my many rolls of ribbon will be displayed. 

The drawers will hold paper and supplies and I'm still thinking about a way to attach a tall basket to the side to hold rolls of paper. I'll visit Home Depot tomorrow to see what they have.

I'l be updating the project as I proceed. Stay tuned!

Tomorrow: Examine your receipts!

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