Monday, August 9, 2010

Wrapping Up the Wrapping Center.............

Done. Well, almost....why is it so hard to complete a project?

Today, in the sweltering heat, I decided enough was enough...I needed to finish this project, the first furniture redo of my blog. The heat had it's benefits though, I worked faster and the paint dried quicker! The piece needed two coats and maybe a spot or two will need a little touch up.

The green knobs were more difficult than I thought because they were so small but they look great and only cost $1. each! I had the perfect green paint left over from an accent wall in my living room. The white paint was also leftover so my expenses were minimal.

I purchased additional rods today in Target and they're ready to mount. I worked just outside the garage and my daughter helped me carry it back into the finished basement where it will reside.

I'm still looking for basket to attach to the side to hold tall wrapping paper rolls. In the end, I may just use  the plastic wrapping container that I already have, but I'm not sure yet.

Here's the final painted chest. Dowels will be mounted in the morning and the ribbons, tape, scissors, boxes and paper will move into their new headquarters soon after.


  • Old baby chest and drawers       $00.
  • leftover paint                                00.
  • 8 knobs @ $1. each                       8.
  • misc. rods and dowels                  20.
  • draw liners (leftover wallpaper)    00.

Final COST:                               $28.00....................PRICELESS!!

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  1. Yay!! Me and my muscles made the blog! :) Can't wait to see the finished project room - it looks great so far!