Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to Pack a Suitcase

Roll. Roll,. Roll!

Since my husband and I were going on a two week vacation to Ireland, I was determined to extend my new, practical, simplified way of living to packing for the trip. Usually, theres more in the suitcase then what's left in the closet and truthfully, it all doesn't get worn.

And with new airline regulations and higher fees I really was determined to pack 'light'. Our destination - Ireland - coud be considered a bit more  rural than traveling to someplacelike Paris, Rome or London, but if the hotel websites were any indication of how to dress, then we needed a full range of dressy and casual.

One of thr great things on this trip is that we're moving around a lot - 5 hotels over 12 days so repeating outfits was definitely an option. And lets be honest, this is all about husband is on his own!

I selected 5 dresses, two dressy jackets, 6 pants, 6 golf type shirts, 2 blouses, 3 skirts and only three pairs of shoes (two comfortable and casual, the other spikey and dressy but would go with all of the dresses0! One dressy white evening bag will have to do. Acouple of belts, some wraps and loads of jewelry. I didn't skimp on the jewelry because they can change up an outfit easily for the smallamout a real estate they were goingto take up.

I used a duffle-type bag, smaller than i usually pack, to help me stick to my plan. I think it worked. We didn't get charged anything extra though it seemed very heavy to my husband and I.

My basic technique was to roll everything. I rolled three dresses together, then two other whiote ones with a white dinner jacket. I put these in a dry cleaning bag to keep them clean (and unwrinkled). I folded the pants in half and lined the bottom of the suitcase with them,then placed the rolled dresses on top. I rolled the golf shirts and the skirtsand layered them next, the blouses, jackets and nightwear went on top. Undergarments we used as fillers on the sides. Shoes and bag topped it off.

The side pockets were for accessories (belts and jeqwelry. Toilet articles wereoin the other side.
I added two lightweight, wrinkle-free raincoats and two umbrellas (I did in the end consider my husband!) in my carry-on.

All in all, my best packing job ever. Off to Shannon and the Emerald Isle!

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