Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Wrapping Center: Part 2

Today I got started on the wrapping center. Over the weekend, the piece was brought out of the messy basement and into the equally messy garage. I took a mild cleanser and washed 25 years of grime off the yellowed chest. 

While cleaning it I discovered a few loose bottoms on the drawers and re-glued them with wood glue held together by duck tape. I'll let that set for a few days since I probably can't get back to this project until the weekend.  

While that was drying, I removed the yellow ceramic knobs and will replace them with lime green wooden ones that I'll paint.  Looking to save some time, I really wanted ceramic in the green color but was unable to find them. The wood ones were probably more than half the price so what I lost in time I'll gain in savings!

I used a small hand sander to lightly take off the paint sheen so that the new paint adheres better. I'll be painting the chest white. I also noticed a few notches in the wood and I might use wood putty to fill that in before I paint.

I visited Home Depot and was able to find dowel holders that hopefully will work. That will be the last part of the project. I'm planning to have this finished by next Wednesday and will be happy to show the final product on these pages.

Tomorrow: Vegetarian tortellini

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