Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ireland:Day 6: Waterford: A day at the Castle

The Fitzgerald Room
This morning we left Kinsale under sunny skies and a slight breeze and had an enjoyable (truly) two hour drive to Waterford. Pat the husband is now Pat the husband and 'driver extraordinaire'...Pat the bus driver just a distant memory. We listened to music on the radio and actually passed a few slow pokes on the highway! At noon, the radio stopped for the playing of the Angelus..of course I said a prayer...we were still driving! I hadn't heard mention of that prayer for many years... and glad it's alive and well in Ireland!
We passed through the town or city of Waterford which is the largest place we've been so far. We followed the signs to Waterford Castle and ended up at a tiny ferry crossing. It seems the Castle Waterford is on its very own island on the River Suir with its very own 18 hole golf course. But for our purposes we'll call it a moat for once we crossed onto the island we adopted the persona of 'Milord and Milady McDermott'.

The bedroom
The place is enchanting. We have a suite! The suite even has a name: Rose, and it's quite lovely. The windows are leaded glass with medieval looking latches and embroidered drapes with luxe tassels. The bathroom with a footed tub and glazed painted fixtures is the most elaborate we're had so far. The 'comely wenches' who greeted us were straight out of central casting  as was the old gent who took up our bags...if his name wasn't  Jeeves I'll eat my derby!

We made dinner reservations for the dining room with a stop first in the Fitzgerald room. I chose my fanciest frock for the occasion and wondered where my lady-in-waiting was off to? Egad! I had to press my dress myself! The Fitzgerald room is where cocktails and lighter fare is served...note the photo..pretty amazing, yes? The dining room... twice as nice. 

Fireplaces abound..all lit and we're sitting beside one now in the lobby having had our tea and coffee served here...apparently, the castle doesn't have Internet in the rooms. MY LORD! I'm down here with the commoners typing away!

Tomorrow, the long awaited tour of the Waterford factory followed by a walking tour of the ancient part of the town and afternoon tea at the castle then dinner in the Fitzgerald Room....I just love the name and am thinking of renaming my piano room the 'Fitzpatrick'.

The exterior
Milord and I will be retiring soon. Will report on the factory tomorrow and a city apparently steeped in Norman History.

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