Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Beach Umbrella Conundrum; Life's A Beach When You Have The Right Tools; Sand Auger, What's That?

Victor from the Fairmont Turnberry 
Beach Club demonstrating the 
sand arger.
Yes, I know it's snowing in two-thirds of the country but it doesn't hurt to let your mind drift to more pleasant times ahead. As I sit here for one more glorious day in sunny, warm Florida, I'm thinking of my friends and family up north who have beach houses or spend a lot of time on the beach.

I know this will sound like an info-mercial but ...... ladies and gentlemen......I saw a tool at the beach that was entirely new to me. It's called a sand auger drill ( it costs about $20. for the bit, not sure what it fits into) but it if you've ever been hit by an airborne beach umbrella you'll want to read on. So if you call now......

The sand auger, about 2 feet in length) bores through the sand in about 5 seconds and makes a hole deep enough to secure even the most pesky beach umbrella. It's used all over the beaches down here and I actually found a funny YouTube video demonstrating the product (see below). There are two kinds, one more labor intensive than the other, but apparently both work.

Heading back to NY tomorrow .... Can't wait to see the snow and ice.
Didn't the ground hog not see his shadow? Here's hoping for an early spring!

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  1. Thanks for the share. I think you should checkout the Beachr umbrella anchor too: