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Take This Presidental Quiz: 20 Questions That Will Test & Tease Your Historical Knowledge of Our Nation's Leaders

1. George Washington became enraged when his political opponents claimed that he left retirement to assume the presidency to 'please his vanity.' Why?
a. he could have assumed the title 'Emperor'
b. he could have assumed the title 'King'
c. he could have assumed the title 'Supreme Executive of the First Republic'
d. he could have assumed the title 'Prime Minister'

2. The earliest U.S. presidents were born British citizens. Who was the first president born an American citizen?
a. John Quincy Adams
b Andrew Jackson
c. Martin Van Buren
d. John Tyler

3. Most people know that teddy bears were named after Teddy Roosevelt. Which president had a fairly popular sport named after him?
a. George Washington
b. Grover Cleveland
c. Herbert Hoover
d. Harry Truman

4. Who is the only president to hold a patent?
a. James Buchanan
b. Abraham Lincoln
c. Woodrow Wilson
d. Jimmy Carter

Who is the artist who painted 'Washington Crossing the Delaware', shown above?
a. John Singer Sargent
b. Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze 
c. Grandma Moses
d. Picasso

5. Who was the first president to get a divorce?
a. Dwight David Eisenhower
b. John F. Kennedy
c. Ronald Reagan
d. George H.W. Bush

6. Who was the first commander in chief to have a presidential airplane?
a. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
b. Harry Truman
c. Dwight David Eisenhower
d. John F. Kennedy

7. Which president did not get married while in office?
a. John Tyler
b. Millard Fillmore
c. Grover Cleveland
d. Woodrow Wilson

8. How many presidents have been assassinated?
1. Two
2. Three
3. Four
4. Five

9. Most people know that, at 6 foot 4, Abraham Lincoln was the tallest president. Who was the shortest?
a. John Adams
b. James Madison
c. Jimmy Carter
d. George W. Bush

Where can you see this sculpture of Abraham Lincoln at right?
a. New York City
b. Illinois
c. Washington D.C.
4. Richmond Va.

10.Which president is not on Mount Rushmore?
a. George Washington
b. Thomas Jefferson
c. Andrew Jackson
d. Theodore Roosevelt

11. Which of these presidents did not win the Nobel Peace Prize?
a. Theodore Roosevelt
b. Woodrow Wilson
c. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
d. Jimmy Carter

12. An early president invented the decimal system of coinage currently in use, and proposed a bill prohibiting slavery '...from all future new states...' that, if it had passed, would have most likely prevented the Civil War. Who was he?
a. Thomas Jefferson
b. James Madison
c. John Adams
d. James Monroe

13. Which President was known as "Old Hickory?"
a. Ulysses S. Grant
b. Abraham Lincoln
c. Andrew Jackson
d. Martin Van Buren

14. One early president enjoyed a positive, productive administration after serving as governor of Virginia and Ambassador to France. Yet, after leaving office, to quote John Quincy Adams, 'His life for his last years has been one of abject penury and distress, and have brought him to a premature grave..' Who was he?
a. John Adams
b. Martin van Buren
c. Andrew Jackson
d. James Monroe

15. This president distinguished himself by preparing the Bill of Rights amendments to the Constitution and much of the legislation forming various departments of the new government. His name?
a. Thomas Jefferson
b. James Madison
c. James Monroe
d. John Adams

16. This president had an impressive career in foreign relations prior to assuming the Chief Executive' role. He served as Ambassador to the Netherlands, Portugal, Prussia, Geat Britain and Germany; he was the first 'Minister' to Russia. Who was he?
a. William Henry Harrison
b, John Quincy Adams
c, Millard Fillmore
d. Martin van Buren

17. This early president grew up as a poorly-educated orphan, a boy-militiaman in the Revolutionary War, a 'wild teenager', fought countless duels, lost thousands on horse races, and was a slave-owning plantation owner. His name?
a. James Polk
b. Andrew Jackson
c. Franklin Pierce
d. Millard Fillmore

18. This president served the shortest term in American history. Who was he?
a. Franklin Pierce
b. Millard Fillmore
c. Wiliam Henry Harrison
d. James Polk

19. This president almost made Cuba one of the United States of America! Who was he?
a. John Quincy Adams
b. Franklin Pierce
c. James Polk
d. John Adams

11. One president took office burdened by tragedy and grief. Shortly before his election, this president and his wife were traveling by train with their only remaining child (two prior children had died as infants) when their railroad car toppled off of the tracks. The President-Elect and his wife received minor injuries; their son, aged 11, was killed as they watched. Who was he?
a. Millard Fillmore
b. James Buchanan
c. Andrew Johnson
d. Franklin Pierce

1. b
2. c
3. c
4. b
5. c
6. a
7. b
8. c
9. b
10. c
11. c
12. a
13. c
14. d
15. d.
16. b.
17. b.
18. c.
19. c.
20. d.

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Some questions from U.S. News and World Report

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