Thursday, February 10, 2011

Free Stuff, Part Deux: Cream Cheese. Breakfast Sausage From Pathmark and a Bagel or Two From Panera!

A couple of months ago I wrote about deals advertised on store receipts. These are traditionally supermarket receipts but have eked over into drug and department stores, food establishments and sometimes just on your computer. About three weeks ago I signed up for Pathmark Online Advantages (mentioned at the bottom of my weekly food receipt) through the Pathmark Supermarket website. Almost immediately I received an email with a coupon for a free cream cheese. Last week another came, this time for Brown & Serve Breakfast Sausage. From their website:
Introducing electronic coupons conveniently linked to your Pathmark Advantage Club Card so there's no more paper coupons to clip, print or carry.
The catch is the expiration day is quick, maybe three days to redeem, But hey, it's free, it shouldn't be that easy!

Similarly, a couple of weeks ago, the cashier at our local Panera Bread store where I occasionally purchase a bagel and soda, alerted me to their new Panera card. This one comes with a plastic key chain token like ones from drug store and supermarket chains. Just for signing up I was offered a pastry. Maybe a week later I earned my choice of an espresso or smoothie followed as the weeks progressed by a free bagel, free soda, a dollar off my order, another espresso an now I have $1.00 off on any of their breads waiting for me to redeem....a great deal!

What I like about Panera (in addition to their rewards cards) is the staff and atmosphere. We have two Paneras on Staten Island and both have workers who are friendly and efficient. The bakery-cafes are generally immaculate with classical, soothing background music. I notice a lot of business people holding meetings, making calls or using the Internet available in the store and I like the fact that the Panera chain is tolerant of this.

I'm sure most of us who use the Internet to shop get discount emails all of the time. They can get annoying but many times there's a great deal lurking behind the hyped-up come ons. Snapfish sent me one yesterday that would give me a $25.00 restaurant card if I spend $5.00 on photos. Not clear which restaurants are included so I'm mulling that offer over.

If I come across any others, I'll do a follow-up report.

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