Sunday, February 27, 2011

Live Blogging The Oscars From Dedham, Mass.; Wrapped In A Blanket And Sweats, I Critique Hollywood's Hottest Stars

Published from time to time 
during the evening.

7:00: Red Carpet Segment. Red is the color of the evening.

Loved Anne Hathaway's (right) Red Valentino and the traditional tuxedos worn by Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush
Gwyneth Paltro in Calvin Klein: dress A-plus,

Christian Bale is British? I didn't know that! He looks like the Fonz tonight.

Scarlet Johannson, didn't love the purple lace dress.

Jennifer Hudson looked amazingly skinny in her tangerine dress by Versace. Jealous!

James Franco had a one-on-one live interview and looked extremely nervous.

Love GMA host Robin Roberts look.

Blush dresses are also pretty popular: Halle Berry (below, left)  in Marchesa and another Halle, Halle Steinfield (young actress from True Grit) in a tea length blush gown.

8:30: Opening movie was fun but I think if they'd burst onto the stage in the time machine car, it would have worked better. Hathaway, lovely in bejeweled white gown, first of many dress changes.

8:42: The awards start. Tom Hanks (nice tux) announcing Art Direction winner: Alice in Wonderland. Acceptance speech gets a 5 out of 10.

Cinematography winner: Inception
Acceptance speech: 9 out of 10

8:51: Kirk Douglas (looking very old, did he have a stroke?) with a cane, awarding best supporting actress award.
He's very funny!!
Winner: Melissa Leo from the Fighter
Acceptance speech: Rambling and emotional. Curses. Time's up!

9:01 Justin Timberlake and purple dress lady
Best animated short film winner: The Lost Thing
Acceptance speech: Nice and fast.
Best animated feature film winner: Toy Story 3! yea!
Acceptance speech: Nice and fast too.

9:12: history segment introduces Josh Brolin and Xavier Barden in truly awful
Tuxedos awarding Adapted Screenplay award
Winner: The Social Network
Acceptance speech: too long, piano playing him off.....
best Original Screenplay: The King's Speech
Acceptance speech: Fabulous!

9:20: Anne sings. Not bad.

9:25: Helen Mirren and Russell Brand, too funny!
Awarding best foreign film: In A Better World from Denmark
Acceptance speech: sweet and short,'s getting longer

9:29: Reese Witherspoon looking very 'angle dickenson' like
Awarding best supporting actor: christen bale from The Fighter
Acceptance speech: funny, longish.... I'm still confused by the accent!

9:40: Anne is back in a grey gown (i like!!)and introduces Aussies Hugh Jackman and
Nicole Kidman
Best original score winner: The Social Network
Acceptance speech: Perfect

9:45: Scarlett Johannson and Matthew McConeghy introduce nominees for
Achievement in sound winner: Inception
Acceptance speech: good one
Achievement in sound editing winner: Inception
Acceptance speech: perfect

9:54: Marisa Tomei (left) introduces nominees for tech awards, awarded earlier this week.
I like her short hair. Dress: not so much

9:55: Cate Blanchette ( don't love the dress) announces awards for achievement in make-up
Winner: The Wolfman
Acceptance speech: nice and short, perfect.
Costume Design: Alice in Wonderland
Acceptance Speech: reading it, really?? Boring, hopefully short. Lose the black gloves,

10:00: Historical Movie Music interlude. Kevin Spacey can sing!! Pres. Obama makes a taped appearance to announce he loves 'As Time Goes By', from Casablanca , our wedding song.
Best Original Song:TBA

10:11: Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhall announce award for Best Documentary Short Films Winner: Strangers No More
Acceptance speech: good short inclusive speech
Live Action Short Film winner: God of Love
Acceptance speech: fast talker but too long!

10:16: Anne wears a flapper style long dress.

10:17: Time waster, putting music to movies that didn't have music. Clever but unnecessary.

10:19: Oprah Introduced not loving the dress or hair.
Announces outstanding documentary winner: Inside Job
(Note: Waiting For Superman was not nominated allegedly because it was perceived as anti-union)
Acceptance speech: gets political, give me a break!

10:27: Anne introduces Billy Crystal, standing ovation. What does that mean?
Historical moment: Trip down Bob Hope memory lane.

10:31: Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr., funny repartee
Introduces award for achievement in Visual Effects
Winner: Inception, winning lots of tech awards
Acceptance speech: uh, oh, lots of people on stage. Not too bad, only two spoke.
Achievement in Film Editing. Winner: The Social Network
Acceptance speech: Hug. Cute. Good speech.

10:41: Anne is back in a fabulous red dress.
Two more best song nominees introduced by Jennifer Hudson.
Gwyneth Paltrow (right) looks like Mary Travers from Peter, Paul and Mary.
Best Song Winner: Toy Story 3
Acceptance speech: funny, humble. Good one.

10:52: Celine Dion in a segment about stars who passed this year. Halle Berry pays tribute to Lena Horne, who also died this year.

11:01: Anne back in royal blue, really nice dress!
Hilary Swank introduces Kathryn Bigelow (last years winner) who announces Best Director winner: The King's Speech
Acceptance speech: man love? What about Helena Bonham Carter? Hmmmmmm. Closes with. 'mum' talk.

11:05: Annette Benning introduces award for lifetime achievement in film, taped previously.
Kevin Brownlow, Francis Ford Coppola, Eli Wallach. Standing ovation, well deserved.

11:11: Jeff Bridges introduces nominees for Best Actress winner: Natalie Portman, no surprise, probably well-deserved, not having seen the film.
Acceptance film: Humble, emotional, a bit long.....

11:19: Anne introduces Sandra Bullock, last years best actress winner announcing for
Best Actor winner: Colin Firth (left) 
Acceptance speech: Classic! A bit long....but I could listen to him forever.

Coming back for best picture award and the PS 22 Chorus (right) from Staten Island!! Could they be on any later??

11:31: Ok Anne dons another dress....maybe too much already? Not loving this one. Stephen Spielberg introduces best picture of the year. Kind of telling since they use the 'speech' as the soundtrack for all of the ten nominated movies.
The winner: The King's Speech
Acceptance speech: Perfect. It's good to be king.

Finally:  the Staten Island part of the show. 
OK, I'm prejudiced.


  1. damn right christian bale is british...great accent! was hoping geoffry rush and helena bonham carter would have won supporting actor and actress but thought the show was good

  2. Agreed but there was a lot of competiltion